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Avail Medical Products, Inc.

Contact: Sales Manager

7594 Trade St.
San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 866-552-2112
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Industry Leader
More than two decades of experience
Resources to take on the biggest jobs and tightest timelines
Diversified base of more than 350 customers, including 11 of the 15 largest medical device companies
Guaranteed confidentiality
13 facilities including class 10,000 and
100,000 cleanrooms plus controlled
ISO 9001 Certified
Complete technology and development facilities
that allows for seamless integration of
product development with manufacturing

Benefits of Avail
Leading medical products companies choose Avail to:
Reduce manufacturing costs
Compress product development cycle times
Quickly complete product development and
get to market
Circumvent capacity constraints
Enhance product quality

Avail's growing variety of high-quality medical disposables include:

Biopsy sets
OTC monograph pharmaceuticals
Blood transport vials
Pressure infusers
Cardiac catheters
Procedure drapes
Cardiac jackets
Pump and rate-limiting sets
Cautery tip cleaners
Respiratory valve assemblies
Disposable fluid collection systems Sharps counter & disposal devices
Dose dividers

Sterile fluid-path disposables:
Drug delivery systems blood, drug delivery, wound care

Epidural catheter components and nutrition
Infusion catheters
Surgical prep sponges
Injector assemblies
Suture containment systems
Instrument drapes
Suture holders
Liquid medical devices
Syringes and accessories
Liquid-filled syringes
Teflon and steel catheters
MDI/nebulizer assemblies
Tissue culture bioreactors
Nasogastric tubes
Urinalysis vials
Neurological care systems
Urological care systems
Orthopedic heat exchanger
Wound & surgical stapling
Wound care