If you are interested in feed screws and the barrels (cylinders) they go in, you are on the right site. This site has sources for the manufacturing, rebuilding and designing of these components. As well as vendors World-Wide who offer associated machinery, equipment, products and services that incorporate these parts. Including manufacturers/processors that also use feed screws and barrels in their production lines.

Whether your interest is plastic extrusion, compounding, injection or blow molding, rubber, food or anything else that is produced with a feed screw you are in the right place. There are also forums where you can "ask the experts" about process and product specifics. Also listed under vendors and in the forums are references to augers, conveying and timing screws, feeder screws and any other process that use an Archimedes type screw.

Additionally, there is access to consulting firms, education, research, patents, training and associations involved with these industries and processes. I hope you find this site as beneficial as may others have. If you have any suggestions or comments on improving the resources already provided, please let us know.

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