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Morrison Timing Screw Company Products

We deliver container handling solutions. Not just container handling parts.
Morrison Timing Screw Company manufactures timing screws and change parts for combining, dividing, metering, indexing and orienting on new or existing applications with one objective: delivering solutions to our customers’ container handling challenges. The Morrison Package – superior knowledge, quality products, unsurpassed customer service – comes with every order.
Each part we make is designed for your specific container and packaging system. Our advanced production techniques maintain exacting tolerances to reduce downtime and lower noise on your packaging production line. The parts we provide do not leave the plant until they have been fully inspected and approved. As a result, our customers can always be confident they are getting exactly what they need to improve production and increase line efficiencies.
Morrison’s trained sales, service and engineering staff can quickly diagnose and solve the most complicated line problems. Our experts will come to your packaging plant and work with your staff to install and inspect our products to lessen changeover costs, reduce start-up time and give you more uptime.
Morrison Timing Screw Company is ready to analyze problems and provide the most effective solutions for your needs.


Timing Screws

Premium Performance
The timing screw is one of the truly critical elements for the control of rigid containers on a packaging line. Since all production passes through the timing screw, if the timing screw does not perform, the efficiency of the machine, and the overall efficiency of the line is reduced. This is why Morrison timing screws are designed to maximize performance.

Expert Designs
An experienced Morrison representative will visit your packaging plant to determine which of our designs will best suit the needs of your production line. Since we manufacture a wide range of screws, from a straight root design, to turning and transfer screws, to our state-of-the-art seamless timing screw, our expertise will deliver a timing screw that performs every time.

Quality Materials
Morrison timing screws are manufactured from the materials that best address your application, including UHMW (ultra high molecular-weight polyethylene), Delrin, nylon, stainless steel, and HDPE (high density polyethylene). Various other material types are available as well to meet the requirements of your machine. Additionally, our timing screws can be designed in 14 different colors, so if it's a "quick-change" system you need, we can make the transition as easy for you as possible.

Contact Us
Our aim is to provide timing screws that perform with efficiency on the entire packaging line. Email us today to get a quote for the timing screw that will best suit the needs of your packaging operations.


Timing Screw Drive Units (Kits)

Premium Performance
Timing screw drive units ("kits") can be designed for new applications or to replace existing drive systems on your line to provide the flexibility and control you need. A timing screw kit includes a timing screw, brackets, motor and drive unit.

Expert Designs
Morrison specializes in creating timing screw drive units to provide solutions to any applications - from the most ordinary, to the most challenging. For many container handling machines, a timing screw kit will be the most practical option for ensuring proper functioning of the line, as well as improving line efficiencies. A Morrison kit can be designed, with its own brackets, motor and drive, to either fit within or stand apart from the existing machine.

Quality Materials
An experienced Morrison representative will work with you to determine which design options and materials will most effectively accommodate changes to your production line.

Contact Us
A Morrison drive unit may be all your packaging line needs to maximize output. Email us today to get a quote for the kit that will best suit the needs of your packaging operations.


Change Parts

Premium Performance
Morrison Timing Screw Company is the industry expert on constructing excellent quality, easy-to-use change parts for even the most complicated production lines. Changes that might once have taken an entire day can now be done with Morrison change parts in just an hour or two, maximizing the production rate of your packaging operation.

Expert Designs
Our engineers specialize in developing designs that allow parts to be easily removed and replaced, minimizing downtime on your line. Additionally, Morrison offers change parts in 14 different colors, revolutionizing the speed and efficiency with which lines are changed to accommodate different products.

Quality Materials
Our change parts, which include everything from timing screws, to dividers, to stars and guides, are manufactured from the most reliable materials available, including UHMW (ultra high molecular-weight polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Delrin and HDPE (high density polyethylene), to ensure that each part will withstand the pressures of your production line. Various other material types are available as well to meet the requirements of your machine.

Contact Us
With Morrison change parts, a "quick-change" system is no longer a fantasy. Email us today to get a quote for change parts that will best suit the needs of your packaging operations.

In 1971, Morrison Timing Screw Company was created because founder and President Nick Wilson saw a shortage of technical expertise in the manufacture of container-handling products. With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, an MBA in accounting, and professional experience as an engineer to guide him, Mr. Wilson set about building the best container handling products on the market.

Over the years, Morrison Timing Screw Company grew to be the most well-known and respected name in its field. The reason for our growth and success is simple: our engineers have exceptional experience, reliable products and a resolved dedication to customer service. In fact, Morrison has set the industry standard for service and follow-up, regularly providing in-the-field assistance, sometimes on as little as 24-hour-notice.

Morrison Timing Screw Company promises that Superior Knowledge, Quality Products, and Unsurpassed Customer Service will always be our top priorities. It will be a distinction easy to maintain since our long-serving staff is every bit as qualified and dedicated as our founder. With Morrison, you can be confident that any representative working on your machines or visiting your plant is a specialist in the field. Whether it's Nick Wilson, his son Chris, or one of our many experienced engineers, you can count on the best service possible.

Let Morrison make your production line more productive.

You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on packaging line equipment, but if the timing screw doesn’t function properly, your line is useless. The fact is, a timing screw is one of the most critical elements on your packaging line. Morrison timing screws are designed to maximize the performance of your line for optimum efficiency and productivity. That’s why we customize our timing screws to address your packaging line’s unique requirements, providing superior control, synchronization and throughput.

Customized timing screws meet your demanding requirements.

Whether you need a quick-change screw or a dedicated screw, our designers will work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. Our state-of-the-art production techniques maintain exacting tolerances to minimize production line noise and reduce costly downtime.

The products we build. The service we build in.

A product is only as reliable as the service that stands behind it. Morrison provides you with the most dedicated customer service in the industry. From the initial design to follow-up, we’ll work with you hand-in-hand to meet your specific needs. And if you require in-the-field assistance, we can usually have one of our highly-trained engineers at your facility within 24 hours.

Color-coded for quick, easy changes.

All production line downtime costs you money. To reduce the time spent changing timing screws between production runs, Morrison screws are designed in 14 easy-to-match colors.

When experience counts, you can count on Morrison.

For maximum production line efficiency, you want expert advice. At Morrison, our unequalled experience in the field lets us quickly diagnose and solve even the most complicated container handling problems. We know that no two production lines are the same. That’s why we examine all facets of your operation: the type of package you handle, the machinery you use, and the specific functions your line performs. Then—and only then—will we design products individually tailored to meet the needs of your container and packaging system.

For container-handling problems, quick service is the solution.

Morrison has the knowledge and the expertise to get the job done quickly and get it done right—the first time. Our goal is to keep your packaging line up and running, maximizing your production rate and reducing costly downtime. And if for any reason you need a replacement change part, we can have it in your hands within 24 hours. That’s the kind of service customers expect from Morrison.

Enjoy greater flexibility and control.

Morrison designs products to fit your application, no matter how complex or unique. Our line of change parts features a flexible starwheel design to perform specific functions as needed. Tightly-engineered designs provide effective container and bottle control for the most delicate operations, including labeling, filling, and capping applications. For maximum versatility, our change parts can be incorporated into new equipment or applied to upgrade existing machinery.

Customized and colorized designs make changes easy.

Morrison makes changeovers fast and easy. Our change parts are designed in 14 different colors to smoothly integrate with your packaging line and the products that run on it.

Parts Cart

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Drive Units & Assemblies

At Morrison, we don’t just fill in, we fit in.

Nobody knows production lines like Morrison. We have over 30 years of experience designing and engineering the most reliable container-handling products in the industry. We’ve seen—and helped solve—virtually every type of container handling problem, from the ordinary to the truly unique. That’s why, like all Morrison products, our drive units are designed and manufactured to fit the demanding needs of your plant and your line, to give you maximum throughput and optimum efficiency. Our #1 goal is your complete satisfaction.

There’s not a container handling problem we can’t handle.

When it comes to production lines, there’s no such thing as a minor glitch. Thanks to our unmatched experience in the field, we can quickly identify and diagnose even the most complex or hard-to-find line problem. If a drive unit needs upgrading, we’ll upgrade it. If a new unit needs to be designed, we’ll design it. Whatever service you need, you can count on Morrison to provide it. Fast.

Improved packaging line efficiency.

We realize downtime is money down the drain. That’s why our top priority is to keep your packaging line up and running, maximizing your production rate and helping your overall operation to function as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Flexible solutions for virtually any application.

For maximum flexibility, our drive units can be designed for new applications or to replace existing drive applications. We use standard components to create custom designs so that delivery and service are never sacrificed. And no matter how complex the application, you can be sure that Morrison will meet your requirements all while delivering a flexible, efficient solution.