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Autojectors, Inc. Div. of Milacron, Inc.

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4165 Half Acre Rd.
Batavia, OH 45103

Phone: 513-536-2000
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In a marketplace of unprecedented challenges, Milacron Inc. continues to make a genuine impact on everyone we serve.

First incorporated in 1884, Milacron is a leading global supplier of plastics-processing technologies and industrial fluids, with major manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

But we're a lot more than machines and systems. We know what matters in manufacturing, and every day we're putting this knowhow to work—helping customers improve their productivity, cut costs, increase energy efficiency, eliminate scrap and reduce cycle times.

Ours is a culture and tradition of inventing new ways to bring value to our customers. And over the last few years, we’ve been strengthening our company’s ability to do just that. Under the leadership of our new CEO, Dave Lawrence, we continue rising to our customers’ evolving challenges. It’s a commitment shared by every employee throughout our Plastics Machinery, Mold Technologies and Industrial Fluids businesses. Here are just a few of the ways we’re making a genuine impact:

Plastics Machinery designs and builds the machines that produce dashboards for automobiles, composite decking for homes, water bottles, sterile supplies for the medical industry, and thousands of other products that consumers use every day.

Our long-term customer relationships and deep-rooted industry experience equip us with a thorough understanding of what plastics manufacturers need to succeed. That’s why they trust Milacron to build the most efficient and accurate injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines. And after the sale, we offer training, support and supplies to assist with aftermarket operation, maintenance and repair.


Mold Technologies offers the most complete line of market-leading products for use with plastics machinery, including mold bases, mold components, hot runner systems and control systems.

We’re the number-one supplier of mold bases and components in North America, and an essential resource to customers in North America, Europe and Asia—with a reputation for fast, reliable service around the world. We also provide unsurpassed knowledge and expertise, a global logistics infrastructure that ensures speed and accuracy and a worldwide support organization unrivaled for its ability to assist customers when and where the need arises.


Industrial Fluids manufactures and sells the most technologically advanced fluids available for use in industrial operations. We are a leading global supplier of fluids that meet stringent performance, health and safety requirements for machining, grinding, stamping, metal-forming, cleaning, and many specialty applications.

We’ve also developed full lines of earth-friendly metalworking fluids based on renewable resources that enable our customers to reduce costs while meeting increasingly strict environmental regulations